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I'll keep it short and sweet; The Insanity workout download…is well….INSANE! This workout program is not for the faint of heart. If you look around at reviews, you will see that most people recommend you complete the p90x workout at least a couple times before attempting this monstrosity. If you need the p90x workout, you can find it here: Download P90X Free

Right below, you can find the Insanity Workout for free, but underneat that, I'll go into a little bit more detail about the program, so you can see exactly what you're getting into. Without further ado, just click the picture below to get your free download:

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So what is Program all about anyway?

This program is a follow-up by BeachBody Fitness to their highly successful p90x program. People had (and still have) a lot of sucess in their 90-day body scultping routine. But after going through it a couple times, many people were ready to take it to the next level. That's where Insanity comes in.

The program is centered around the idea of using long bursts of high-intensity exercises, with short periods of rest in between. They refer to it as "Max Interval Training". It is designed to be done over a 60 day timeline. Once you've completed it, you can just start over again (though it might be a good idea to do something else for around 30 days or so, before starting all over again). They claim that the workout is so intense, that you can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour……crazy stuff!

At any rate, if you are not already in good-to-great shape, then this is NOT the program to start with, in my opinion. (Or if you have significant heart or other medical conditions).

What do the reviews look like?

It's really easy to find reviews talking about the product. Probably the easiest (and best) place to look is on Amazon. At the time of this writing, there are just shy of 1,300 reviews on their website, with an average of 4 1/2 stars out of 5. That is SICK!

The coolest thing about reading the Amazon reviews is that there are actually quite a few reviewers who did their review in a "journal" format, and they give frequent updates as to how they are progressing through the program, and what their results look like week by week. I can see the appeal of doing a review like that, as it can give extra motivation!

Reading through a couple of the reviews, the comments are overwhelmingly positive, as I previously mentioned. The one glaring issue that I saw mentioned in a couple reviews is that you definitely do not need to do this routineat all if you have any sort of knee issues. This is good advice, which should be followed. At the very least, you should consult your doctor beforehand. Maybe there are some sort of knee braces that you can wear or something.

Time to get your Insanity Workout Download Free – Don't delay!

So that's all I really have to say about it for now. If you're ready to give it a try, you can click the above link to get the Insanity Workout download free. I hope you enjoy!